Align Your Life - Be a Warrior of Truth - Alignment 8
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Align Your Life – Be a Warrior of Truth

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Welcome back, Warriors!

Today is all about the truth.

Satya – the 2nd practice of the Yamas (the foundations of living a conscientious life) means truthfulness in thought, word, and deed. This is the practice of truthfulness and honesty in all realms of our life.

Satya teaches us how to live our life authentically and truthfully with understanding that only you can reach this truth – no one else can tell you how to listen for or find the truth within yourself – only you can do the work.

And the work that needs to be done can be uncomfortable – no one likes to admit that they are being dishonest – but the first step to honesty is admitting we are dishonest.

Dishonesty happens.

And probably more times than we would like to admit.

But just because we have been dishonest does not mean we have to always be dishonest.

We hold the power within ourselves to create beautiful, bold, radical change.

And for the change to happen,

we have to get down and dirty with how honest we are being.

Dishonesty does not make you a bad person.

It makes you human.

But the beauty of being a human is that we are capable of learning and using what we learn about ourselves and the world around us to produce change.

Remind yourself to be compassionate towards yourself and others as we disect the dishonesty in our lives and find our truth. ((ahimsa – ahimsa – ahimsa!))

The truth can be hard.

The truth can also set you free. 

Let’s practice honesty:

Give yourself some credit for even being open to the practice of Satya.

Satya takes self-control to a whole new level.

How many times do we embellish our truth? Adding in extra details to make something appeal more interesting, or awesome, or cool….

How many times do we rationalize the truth? Accepting things for what they are even though we know it is not right…

How many times do we exaggerate our truth? Making something bigger, better, greater, or worse than it actually is….

How many times do we withhold our truth? Afraid of the reaction someone might have or even afraid to hurt someone else from what needs to be said…

I don’t know about you, but if I am being honest (which that’s what we are working towards here), I do this more times than I would like to admit!

But why do we do this?!?

For me, I am afraid.

Afraid of how my truth may be perceived.

Afraid to be the outlier, the weirdo, the one with questions.

But at some point in my life, I need to let go of the fear (ego!) and replace it with compassion and honesty – that is the only way I will ever truly feel confident and free as I journey through this life that is mine.


Awareness and Self-Control:

Before we can become better with self-control, first we must become aware of the dishonesty we are producing and connect with our inner truth and self.

Anytime we are not living our life authentically – we are being dishonest.

Become aware of how you are feeling and the actions you take to honor or create these feelings.

I know when I am living my truth I feel alive – I feel free, I feel joyful, I feel light.

I know when I am not living my truth – allowing my ego to get the better of me or embellishing for the sake of someone else – I feel icky, I feel compromised, I feel depleted.

By becoming aware of what we are doing (thoughts, actions, deeds) and feeling into the sensations/emotions that are the result of our behavior, we can start to discover what it is that is our truth.

This will take time – lots of time – and practice – and things may change on a daily basis – and that is OK!

Small baby steps in the right direction will get you there.

And some days, we might take a few small baby steps backwards – again, that is OK!

Do not succumb to the pressure of immediate results – this is a daily practice of being compassionate and truthful with ourselves.

Begin to establish a relationship with self-control slowly – taking time to think first before we put out there what ever it is that needs to be said or done.

Once you begin to find your truth (because it is there), use the practice of ahimsa to its highest power when establishing your boundaries and honoring your truth with others.

It’s easy to put a wall up – but the thing about walls is you are kept inside and everyone and everything else is kept outside – there’s no way to freely flow back and forth.

Boundaries, however, allow you to move through and beyond. Allowing others to do the same – finding middle ground – finding a way to reconnect with one another from an honest and open place.

As long as our intention is the purest of good, we cannot be responsible for how other’s perceive our truth. And this can be challenging especially if you are growing and evolving and loved one’s are not there yet.

But this is your path.

This is your life.

This is your truth.

You would only be creating dishonesty if you withhold your life for the mere satisfaction of someone else.

You owe them nothing.

You owe you everything.


Take care of yourself and be patient as you navigate through compassion and honesty.

Tonight we have a Full Moon – a powerful energetic time to release and reflect.

Take 5 – 10 minutes and meditate, breathe, find beautify in the stillness.

Forgive yourself, Love yourself, and Reconnect with yourself.

Just like anything, this will take time.

But the slower the process the more beautiful and sustainable are the results.

We a Warrior of Truth and create change – 

positive, radical, honest change.

I am cheering you on.

Light + Honest Love,


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