Align Your Life - the Yamas - Alignment 8
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Align Your Life – the Yamas

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With all that is going on in the world now, it is impossible for me not to feel it all. I feel heavy, I feel disappointed, I feel lost.

I feel so many lower energies lately and the only thing that is keeping me from being pulled under is my ability to come back to my breath, to come back to my alignment of mind, body, and soul, and to ground myself through the practice of forgiveness, perspective, and hope for a better tomorrow.

I have meditated on when to come back to the blog and how to use my voice for justice, peace, and hope. I have a platform and just today I found the courage, gusto, and need to start using it for the greatest good.

After meditating on how to use my platform for social justice, equality, peace, and positivity, I had an ah-ha moment – how did I begin to feel strong enough to flow with the burdens life has handed me and still remain open to love, kindness, and forgiveness?

The answer is simple:


Yoga has given me the skills needed to pick up the pieces of my broken life, and create something new, beautiful, and aligned with my goals and for the highest good.

Yoga has helped me find forgiveness – for myself and towards others who have hurt me.

Yoga has helped me understand that I am more than my possessions, I am more than the color of my skin, I am more than my race, ethnicity, gender, and creed – I am so much more than I even know or understand. I am grateful for every opportunity that presents itself where I can take my experiences of life and use them for self-discovery and self-reflection.

Yoga has given me strength. Strength to move forward. Strength to hold my head high.

Yoga has taught me to see and understand the bigger picture, that the world does not revolve solely around me and the pain I feel and have felt is a shared experience among all beings.

By detaching from the external I have been able to focus on the internal.

And that internal focus is what opened me up to seeing and trying to understand the bigger picture at play.

But before we can understand the bigger picture,

first be must begin to understand ourselves.

And the only way to do that

is by being Honest and Raw.


Before we can ever change our world,

we must first find change within ourselves.

Which takes courage,



and practice.

So for the next couple of weeks,

I will be blogging and sharing the 8 limb path of Yoga with you (Alignment8) in hopes that we can better understand ourselves, our thoughts, our actions, our deeds, and take that understanding and create positive change.

If it was not for yoga (and Alignment8),

I more than likely would not be able to share how I feel – it is vulnerable territory.

But I know from the practice of practicing, that as long as my intent in pure, true, honest, and overflowing with love and compassion, that I am not responsible for how any one else perceives my intent or my message.

I do not know everything, in fact I probably would say I know nothing – but I am open to learning, I am open to the messages the Universe shares with me, and I am open to seeing things from 2 sides – and again, that is all in thanks to the practice of Yoga.

And this is what I hope to share with you. 

Let’s begin by just naming the 8 branches of yoga:

  1. Yama
  2. Niyama
  3. Asana
  4. Pranayama
  5. Pratyahara
  6. Dharana
  7. Dhyana
  8. Samadhi

Today, we are going to look at the very first branch of yoga, the Yamas. 

The Yamas take work – and hard work – so be kind to yourself as you begin this adventure.

The best things in life take time, patience, and practice.

The role of the Yamas is to confront us with the enormous challenge of re channeling our spiritual energies and creating a new foundation for our existence. The Yamas teach us to let go of worry, doubt, and fear and to be the change you wish to see in the world. The Yamas are the foundation for living a conscious, compassionate, loving life – both with the world around us and the world within us.

The Yamas have 5 branches of their own:

  1. Ahimsa
  2. Satya
  3. Asteya
  4. Brahmacarya
  5. Aparigraga

Today, we will cover Ahimsa – the truest and purest form of compassion. 

Ahimsa is my go to when the world (internally and externally) is getting rough, dark, and bleak.

Ahimsa, the first of the five Yamas, asks us to practice non-harming or nonviolence in thought, word, and deed. Ahimsa is a profound and radical concept that is truly the cornerstone of yoga as a way of life.

One of my favorite values of Ahimsa is that it does not differentiate between any living things – anything that breathes (nature, animals, people – life in all forms) is said to have a soul and it is our practice to treat all souls with compassion and the act of nonviolence or harm.

Which also means we need to take this practice and apply it within our own world.

We can do this by letting go of any judgement we place on ourselves.

When we learn to see ourselves and spiritual beings having a human experience – we can begin to understand we are not here to be perfect – but to learn lessons. And the best way to learn lessons is by making mistakes. Forgive yourself. Let it go. The only power the mistake should have is that it was a powerful lesson learned – and yes, sometimes we have to make the same mistake a bajillion times over and over, but one day we open up and see the choices we made and how the effect our world, and then we can choose to do better. We can do better by making  better choices – conscious choices.

The practice of Ahimsa helps us to cultivate compassion and kindness towards ourself.

So the next time you find yourself judging, labeling, or blaming yourself and or anyone else – remember Ahimsa.

Breathe into Ahimsa 

Remember we are here to love, to learn, to grow, and evolve.

We are not here to harm.

We hold so much power within ourselves – sometimes it just becomes lost but never gone.

You can reconnect with your power.

You can reconnect with your truth.

How can you be more compassionate in your life?

How can you welcome in love even when you are angry, lost, and confused?

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Be a Warrior of Justice, Peace, and Love.

Breathe in forgiveness, compassion, and love.

Breathe out judgement, shame, and worry.

One conscious breath at a time we can begin to be the positive change our world so needs.

I am cheering you on.

Light + Yama Love,


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