Wake up with Enthusiasm! - Alignment 8
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Wake up with Enthusiasm!

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Today, not only will I rise, but I will shine!

Happy Wednesday, Warriors!

I can only speak for myself,

but man,

have I been tired!

With the time change,

the election,

the weather,

and the holiday season,

I have felt more uninspired than inspired in my day-to-day life.

And, I don’t like that.

Not one bit.

And the only person responsible for that,

is me. 

So, today, as I woke, I took a conscious breath before rolling myself out of my bed,

and decided I need to attack this day with enthusiasm,


and determination.

And I want to extend that invitation and outlook to you.

How many of us feel pulled in so many directions right now?

I know I sure do…

We have roles, responsibilities, things we must get done,

and that can leave one feeling a bit heavy,

a bit defeated,

a bit stretched too thin.

That is not the place to live your life. 

Make some time for you and your needs.

Make some time for laughter and joy,

and balance out the rest with a little calm.

Lately, that has been my mantra:

“I am calm.”

(big thank you to my classmate Allison for sharing that lovely gem!)

When I am overwhelmed with grief, sadness, defeat – I simply say to myself: I am calm.

When I am ecstatic and filled with excitement and so much energy I can’t help but bounce a little with each step (I know some of you know this side of me) – I simply find my center by reminding myself: I am calm.

By consciously reminding myself I have the power to be whoever I want to be and the power to feel however I want to feel, I can change my outlook on life and my perspective for the day – it just takes effort, practice, and patience…

But it is possible and I am living it every single day. I want to remind you that you too can take the reigns of your life and live your life authentically and with a purpose that fulfills you.

All it takes,

is that one conscious decision,

paired with that conscious breath.

Today, I am going to work from a  calm-cool-and-collected presence and mix it up with a little pep-positivity-and-enthusiasm:

I am calm and enthusiastic.

I am balanced yet alive.

I am here and I am now. 

What about you?

What is your mantra for the day?

I have so much to be thankful for.

And even as I am saddened by the fact that this is my 4th holiday season without my parents, I still have so many blessings in my life to celebrate and wake up and live life for.

Every season since my parents have passed I am taken through this cycle of highs and lows. Every sensation of each season holds nostalgia, regret, and reality.

All the things I feel and experience can either make or break me.


This is a deciding moment for me,

one where I would rather construct my life into the life I want to live,

than let the past deconstruct all I have worked towards.

All of this before 2 cups of coffee – go me!

I know I am not the only one out there missing a huge piece of my heart and soul this holiday season – I just want to extend you some strength and love and light for when the path gets dark.

You are not alone.

Please be kind this holiday season.

First, to yourself.

Then, let that kindness over flow everywhere you are.

Through the heart-break, the responsibilities, and the time constraints, I hope we can all find something to smile about, something to laugh about, and something to give us the excitement to jump out of bed again.

Thank you for giving my life purpose, joy, and excitement.

I am thankful for you!

And remember:

We are calm.

We are excited.

We got this! 

Light + Warrior Love,


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