The Pink Moon in Libra - Release + Renewal - Alignment 8
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The Pink Moon in Libra – Release + Renewal

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Our souls will always be connected
Under the same Moon Light

It has been quite some time since I last checked in, but with a very powerful and FULL Pink Moon in tonight’s sky, I knew I should make my way to the blog and share some insight as to what is going on energetically around us and how we can all benefit by this powerful Full Libra Moon.

Any time there is a full moon I am reminded about the importance of letting go…

Symbolically the moon is a reminder that all things change – all things transition –  and we can use the moon’s energy as a catalyst to drop the baggage that is weighing us down and open our hearts, minds, and palms to the sky ready to receive!

It is a  time of reflecting, releasing, and renewing  – in every aspect of life.

I have always been fascinated when it comes to the moon.

When my parent’s were still here on earth, we would always text/call every full moon – hey, do you see it – hey, make sure to go check out the moon – and I now continue that tradition with my hubby and brother. There’s just something rejuvenating about looking up and just being in awe.. the moon to me symbolizes so much…

I think she is absolutely beautiful and love to see her shining bright in the night’s sky.

She lights up the darkest of nights – which isn’t that when we need the light the most?

She influences our oceans, lakes, and seas – which aren’t we made up of water?

She transitions – from full to pieces to nothing and back again – don’t we do the same?

She can make us crazy – ever notice your sleeping patterns change with the full moon?

She can make us complete.

If and only if, we slow down, tune in, and give ourselves the opportunity to connect with who we are within.

Tonight’s Full Pink Moon is all about balance and getting to know yourself a bit more.

The energy of change is in the air and truth be told, I feel like it has been for quite some time.

Our Full Moon tonight is a reminder of all the love and light we sow in our daily lives – thoughts, words, and deeds – that we will reap what we sow and love will always win.

I am excited to weave in the energetic bodies of the moon with our yoga practice by creating a monthly celebration of letting go, reflecting, and renewal with every full moon:

Chandra Namaskar or Moon Salutations.

This evening’s practice is intended to reconnect with the wonder of the world and galaxies around us as we continue to reconnect and rekindle (or begin) a friendship with ourselves.


Releasing any judgements.

Practicing Ahimsa – love and compassion for all things – including ourselves.

Practicing letting go – of expectations, of short comings, or comparisons to other’s or even your past self.

Practicing Renewal and Growth – perfect for this time of year – perfect for any time of year.

Practicing reflecting on our past experiences – but not settling down there.

Our past is a point of reference, not a permanent residence – by slowing down and witnessing all the good work we have all ready done and sensing the joy, love, and excitement in our heart – we can reflect on the bigger picture mission behind our goals, dreams, and wishes and be more successful in getting where we need to be.

And as always,

just going with the flow.

By letting go of my grip and releasing this notion that I must have everything figured out all the time I have been able to experience some of the most awakening moments in my life.

When I let go of the control, the expectations, the worry, and the fear,

I am able to open myself up to so many beautiful possibilities.

I am excited to share the possibilities with you – encouraging you to experience your own awe and growth.


Whether you are flowing in tonight’s practice with us or flowing to your rhythm wherever you might be, take time out tonight to breath, to love, and to open yourself up to the wonder of the universe.

Our mother moon will be bathing you in a cloak of light and loving energy.

Trust and know that any changes you have dealt with are simply there to push you out of your comfort zone and into something bigger and much better.

Light + Pink Moon Love,







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