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Nutritionists & Dietitians


We are very fortunate to have nutritionists and dietitians as a part of our friendly team here at Alignment 8.  Our nutritionists and dietitians provides reliable information regarding healthy eating habits, diet plans and meal preparation.  Does this sound like something you could benefit from?  Most of us can!  Our nutritionists and dietitians will sit down with you in a safe and supportive environment to assist you in following a path to a healthier, more fit you!

 What is nutrition?


Nutrition is the consumption of food in relations to what your body needs.  Your body doesn’t need a large consumption of sugar or fatty foods and therefore should not be a part of your daily nutrition.  You should consume a well-balanced diet in combination with regular physical activity.  When you have poor nutrition, items like the following can happen:

·         Reduced Immunity

·         Increased Vulnerability to Disease

·         Weakened physical and Mental Development

·         Reduced Productivity


Nutrition Counseling


One of the key roles of a nutritionist is to provide counseling and guidance on good nutrition and healthy eating habits.  Our nutritionist loves sitting down with clients to develop safe and effective plans that set you on the path to a new and healthier lifestyle.  She can help you develop a grocery list as well as meal preparation tips that help you stick with your nutrition goals.

Our Nutrition Staff

Dawn Earnesty

Dawn Earnesty is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters Degree from Eastern Illinois University, a Bachelors in Dietetics from Michigan State University and is currently pursuing her PhD in Human Nutrition from Michigan State University. She holds a certification in adult weight management from the Commission on Dietetic registration, as well as being trained as a work@health trainer from the Centers for Disease Control and serves as National Diabetes Prevention Program trained educator. Dawn treasures her family including her husband and son, Waylon and Ethan and very soon to arrive additional son. She has been working with adults in weight management for about 7 years and strives to set goals that are realistic and attainable. She also provides education in relation to sports nutrition, early childhood and youth of all ages.

Samantha Habowski, RD: 

Registered Dietitian for Individual Counseling and Group Nutrition Classes

I attained my Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Central Michigan University. I loved the homey feel of CMU and Mid-Michigan so much that I went on to complete my dietetic internship through CMU as well. I received my registration in July of 2014. I am very passionate about working in the community to improve nutrition knowledge. I love taking a complicated subject such as nutrition and breaking it down so it can be applied to make everyone’s lives healthier.  Making clients feel comfortable and supported is my number one priority.  I am so very thanking to be working with such a compassionate team here at A8!