New Summer Classes coming to A8 - Alignment 8
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New Summer Classes coming to A8

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New Summer Classes
Same Foundation – New Challenges

Happy Wednesday, Warriors!

Today’s post is all about introducing our newest classes that will be debuting this May.

Using the feedback from our 2nd Annual Client Feedback Survey, we were able to add some new variety and dynamics to our foundational classes. Our intention behind our new class offerings is in hope that you will be able to get your body and mind into a new experience and a new challenge. It is our mission to always provide you with safe, effective, and fun class offerings while practicing integrity and fusing together creativity.

The biggest feedback we received was for MORE spinning classes on schedule, MORE Yoga offerings, and MORE Strength options.

We aim to please our Warrior’s and to keep this beautiful adventure alive. Thank you for all of your help!

Here are some of the Summer classes we will proudly be offering beginning in May:


Can’t stop – Won’t stop – that is the name of the game when it comes to SPIN HIIT 30:

Maximize your results and take your fitness to the next level with SPIN HIIT 30. It’s the quickest way to lose fat, get lean and break through a fitness plateau.

In this class we use HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) drills with short rest periods to burn more calories and increase metabolism.

It’s a short, intense style of training where the thrill and motivation comes from pushing your physical and mental limits. A high intensity, low impact workout, that’s scientifically proven to return rapid results and keep your body burning long after the 30 minute ride is over – BAM!!!

Maximum performance, minimum time
Build lean muscle and train your body to burn fat
Burn calories for hours after your workout
Push your mental and physical limits
Short and intense – all done in 30 minutes

This class will be offered as a POP IN class on Saturday mornings at 6:45am. 

TRX/Strength45 :

This strength conditioning class focuses on building muscle while burning fat. All classes vary – but the focus never changes: strength conditioning from head to toe!
Depending on class size, instructor may use TRX Suspension Trainers, dumb-bells, BOSU Balls and/or resistance bands for a full body strength workout – promoting lean muscle production and fat loss.
During class we may use a variety of styles to get the most out of our 45 minutes together including HIIT, Metabolic Training, Circuit Training, Isometric and more!
If there’s one thing we know, it’s that our Warrior’s are UNSTOPPABLE and SO STRONG! Let’s keep the momentum and muscles growing.
TRX/Strength45 will be offered on Sunday’s at 5:00pm, Monday’s at 10:30am, Wednesday’s at 4:45pm, Friday’s at 10:30am, with a fusion of Strength + Stretch every Saturday at 8:45am.

PiYo Core + More :

PiYo Core + More is a 45 minute PiYo-inspired core workout that blends together the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, strength training, and core conditioning.
This is a low-impact, calorie burning format with a dynamic approach that’s intense and draws from challenging exercises and poses traditionally found in multiple disciplines of yoga, pilates, and dynamic core movements.
Our PIYO Core + More class will work on strength, balance, flexibility and will have a strong focus on troublesome areas such as the abs, hips, and the waistline – Using proper body alignment for a safe and an effective workout.
PiYo Core + More can also be easily modified making it perfect for Every body and Everyone.
PiYo Core + More will be offered every Thursday morning at 7:15am. 

Restorative Yoga is BACK!

Monday’s just got a whole lot better!

Escape from your day and enjoy the tranquility of Restorative Yoga. This 45 minute practice blends stretching and restorative poses with a focus on relaxing into the deepest layers of the body to return us to a place of release, surrender and calm.

During the class we will be exploring soothing and well-supported poses to restore your natural rhythm, dissolve tension and cultivate a deep sense of well-being that will support you well after the session is over.

We will use soft blankets, blocks, and bolsters, so that the body opens gently, yet deeply from the inside out. The deep stretch class will improve joint flexibility, free stagnation in the muscle tissue, lubricate the joints and foster a quiet, meditative state.

Restorative Yoga will be offered every Monday evening at 8:00pm and will be fused together with Vinyasa Flow on Friday evening’s at 5:30pm.


Join us every Saturday in the Summer for our FREE Foundation Series intended to help break you out of your comfort zone and try something NEW!

From Vinyasa and Forrest Yoga Practices to TRX, PiYo, and SPIN, we are opening our doors and breaking down the foundations to our most popular classes to help you feel more confident, empowered, and supported to continue on your journey of you greatest and strongest self!

Every Saturday at 11:00am we will be offering a different class selection. To view our class schedule, click HERE. 

We are also excited to announce we now offer private one on one sessions for Yoga (Forrest + Vinyasa Inspired) and TRX – for more information please contact us at

Every time the schedule changes I can’t help but feel a little anxious (change can be hard!) and excited (change can be exciting!) – but I am so proud of the space we have created and all the amazing energy and transformations that take place through our doors.

Keep striving for 1% better – mind, body, and spirit!

And never, ever, let anyone Dull your Sparkle! We need and want you to shine as bright as you can – we are cheering you on!

Sweet Summertime Cheers (are we there yet?!?)

and so much Light + Warrior Love,


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