TRX - Alignment 8
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TRX was conceived by the U.S. Navy SEALS and put into action by Fitness Anywhere.  When you train with TRX, you are using a revolutionary system of exercise that uses your body weight as leverage in order to help build strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.  And the fabulous part is that YOU choose the intensity level!  TRX helps to condition your entire body in a safe and effective way.  At the same time, you are activating the core muscles that build your body’s strength, stability and balance.  Sign up with Alignment 8 today for a new and innovative way to get healthy!

 TRX Training


TRX training is fantastic at strengthening your body for everyday tasks.  Whether you need to lift your two-year-old, carry groceries into the house, or just want to be able to walk the golf course instead of driving a cart, this program will help you attain your body fitness goals.  Your shoulders, hips and lower back are just as vulnerable when they are underused as when they are overused, so let’s get fit together with TRX!  It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is because everyone works at their own level.  TRX will help you attain your fitness goals by:

·         Building Lean Muscle

·         Boosting Your Metabolism

·         Tightening Your Core

·         Increasing Your Endurance

Disclaimer:  For your safety and comfort, you should be able to hold the plank for 6 seconds prior to taking a TRX class, to ensure you’re strong enough. These classes are for all fitness levels, but it is very intense.