Spinning - Alignment 8
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Official Spinning Facility


Spinning is an exercise class where indoor cycling is performed.  This is a cardio class that is set to workout music and led by an instructor.  You can rest assured that the instructor teaching your class is a spinning certified instructor.  The only way to teach a spinning class is to become certified.  There are other cycling classes with different names, but they are not spinning classes.  Spinning class will last approximately 60 minutes.

 Who Should Spin?


Do you want a motivating workout where YOU control the pace?  Then you should check out spinning!  Even if you don’t like choreography-based workouts, you can still enjoy it.  Spinning does not require rhythm or complex moves from you.  It’s low impact, so it’s appropriate for people who want to balance their higher-impact exercises (such as running) or for those who have joint issues.

What Should I Wear?


You should wear workout clothes to spinning class.  Make sure they are not long or baggy pants because those can get caught in the pedals or wheels.  You should also wear flat-soled workout shoes.  If you have them, padded cycling shorts can make your workout more comfortable and cycling shoes with cleats that clip into the bike pedals can help make your workout more effective.  But, if you are a beginner, make sure you come dressed in comfortable workout clothing!

 Should I Bring Anything With Me?


You are going to sweat…  You are going to burn calories…  You are going to feel exhilarated!  So what do you need to bring with you?

·         Water Bottle

·         Towel

·         Heart Rate Monitor (if you have one)

Please arrive within 10-15 minutes of class if you are new to Spinning. Our Spinning Instructors like to ensure your comfort and safety by properly adjusting your bike to your body. This allows enough time to get new riders on the bike with confidence and comfort.