PIYO - Alignment 8
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Yoga + Pilates = PIYO



Do you like yoga?  Are you a Pilates fanatic?  Imagine the two fused together…  Thusly, PiYo is born!  This fun and challenging class will help you burn calories, tone muscles, work on your balance and improve your stretch.  Each time this class is a different workout so it never becomes monotonous or boring.  Join us at Alignment 8 for an invigorating PiYo workout!  We know that if you try it once, you’re going to be hooked!

 Pilates, Yoga and Strength


PiYo combines all of the elements that we love about Pilates, yoga and strength training.  With modifications made for a group exercise environment, you will be offered movements that challenge all levels of fitness.  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, a PiYo class will help you build strength while at the same time gaining flexibility.  Moves are formed together to allow a fun and challenging class that will make you sweat!  Your muscles will get toned and stretched because you will be exerting energy, power and rhythm!  You will gain:

·         Sculpted Abdominals

·         Increased Overall Core Strength

·         Greater Stability

 Item to Bring


Do you remember your teacher telling you that you “must come prepared to class”?  Well, the same holds true for PiYo class.  So, what will you need?

·         Water Bottle

·         Yoga Mat

·         Hand Towel

·         Tennis Shoes (optional)