Core Training - Alignment 8
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Core Training

Core Training


When you were a kid, you called it exercising your stomach muscles.  In the 80’s it was called abdominal training and ab work.  Then in the 90’s it became known as core training which not only focuses on your abdominal muscles, but also includes your lower back.  So why is core training so important?  Well, if the core is in a weakened state, the result can be lower back pain and/or a protruding waist.  When these muscles are strong, the result is a better posture as well as more strength for running and walking.

What is your core?


When you hear the term “core”, it is referring to your midsection and involves all your muscles located in your front, back and sides.  These muscles help to stabilize your entire body.  When you are completing a core muscle and fitness training program, you are focusing on developing and strengthening these muscles.

The muscles to focus on are:

·         Traverse Abdominis (TVA)

·         Erector Spinae

·         Obliques

·         Lower Lats

Why do you need core training?


Why is this type of muscle and fitness training gaining so much publicity and attention?  It is due to the fact that numerous Americans are becoming more sedentary in their daily lives.  Many have office jobs where sitting for eight to nine hours daily and an hour or two commute is not unheard of.  This has resulted in a big push for core training at health clubs where there are often classes devoted specifically to this type of exercise.  Our ancestors didn’t need this type of muscle and fitness training because they worked hard every day from sunup till sundown performing intensive chores.  Today, the prolonged sitting and no exercise has weakened the midsections of many.    The fitness industry finds it very important to help show people how to keep their bodies strong despite the amount of sitting that we do daily.  The torso is the center of your body’s power and therefore keeping it strong is vitally important!