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Enrich your life – mind, body, and soul

Are you ready to embark on a new, healthier you?  Alignment 8 is here to help you every step of the way!  We are different from our competitor because we offer you a safe, clean, positive and enriching environment to work out in.  All of our instructors are up to date with their certifications and they are knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.  Come join us at A8 – where everyone knows you by name and makes you feel EMPOWERED!!

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Not only will you experience an increase in your flexibility, but you will more than likely discover that you are sleeping more deeply and able to concentrate more easily.


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When you train with TRX, you are using a revolutionary system of exercise that uses your body weight as leverage in order to help build strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.


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We take your health seriously! Our nutritionists will sit down with you in a safe and supportive environment to assist you in following a path to a healthier, more fit you!


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This is a cardio class that is set to workout music and led by an instructor.  You can rest assured that the instructor teaching your class is a spinning certified instructor.


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The Beautiful Energy is in the Air!

A8 offers you amazing classes that exude great energy from our staff as well as our clients.  We offer safe and effective workouts where we only have your well-being in mind.  YOU are our number one priority and we feel so fortunate to have you be a part of our day!  We do everything within our control to make you happy.


A8 has been servicing the Midland area since January 2014.  Some changes were made to the ownership in March of 2015 when the husband and wife duo, Keri and James Kenney, took the reins.  Their goal is to help all their clients feel EMPOWERED!  When you take a class with A8, you know that you will be in a safe environment with knowledgeable instructors.  They will help you get the most out of your workout!


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You’re Welcome Here!


"Love the motivation here, haven't taken a class I didn't love! Everyone is so friendly, and calls you by name - such a wonderful environment!!"

Jordan Perakes

"I have been spinning for about 20 years. This place has the best bikes in town and really pushes you. There is not another spin place that will help you increase your speed like this place. I have definitely increased my fast-twitch muscle mass! They also have a great TRX workout. I like doing TRX followed by spin for a total body workout. All the teachers are knowledge and sweet."

Molly Morrissey

"Place is spectacular! The people are amazing and supportive. The clients and staff are welcoming and not "clicky." You leave feeling like a part of the team and motivated to continue living a healthy life style."

Matilda McArthur